Who we are

We have an extremely experienced leadership team who bring a wealth of scientific, clinical, business and IT expertise, supplemented by close collaborations with leading scientists and clinicians in the field of psychiatric disorders.


Meet our Board of Directors

Jonathan Kingslake
Director and Chief Exec­ut­ive Officer
Jonathan Kingslake has extensive experience of delivering strategic and business value within the pharmaceutical sector. Prior to becoming CEO of P1vital Products he was the COO of P1vital Ltd, responsible for clinical operations and business support functions; 15 years at Merck & Co in various senior management roles in R&D and manufacturing across IT and business operations; Jonathan has a BSc in Computer Science, from University of Southampton.
Dr Colin Dourish
Dr Dourish has a successful track record in CNS drug discovery and drug development in both major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Prior to co-founding P1vital, he was Senior Vice President Research and CSO of Vernalis Group plc, Research Director and co-founder of Cerebrus Limited, Director of Neuropharmacology at Wyeth Research and Section Head at Merck & Co.
Dr Gerry Dawson
Dr Dawson has considerable experience in the discovery and development of novel drugs for CNS disorders. Prior to co-founding P1vital, Dr Dawson was Senior Director and Head of In-Vivo Neuroscience at Merck’s Neuroscience Research Centre. He coordinated both clinical and preclinical efforts in the areas of cognition, cognitive impairment and addiction and directed project teams responsible for drug development to the end of Phase IIB.


Meet our P1vital Products Ltd Team

Dr Rebecca Dias
Project Leader
Lubica Trvalcova
Project Analyst
Garima Sharma
Information Systems Manager
Hannah Alker
Clinical Data Analyst
Mark Dziedzic
Clinical Data Analyst
Suneet Sandhu
Clinical Data Analyst