Evidence of Success


The Breakthrough

In a recent Proof of Concept study conducted in the UK, the results showed that for patients who did not respond to an antidepressant after 6 weeks of treatment, their P1vital® PReDicT Test result obtained after 7-9 days of treatment predicted this outcome with 74% certainty.

This initial evidence shows that it is possible to provide an objective measure of a patient’s response to antidepressant medication that can assist a physician’s management of their illness.

Read more about the Proof of Concept Study.

A clinical foundation

The P1vital® PReDicT Test device has been developed from the validated clinical trial version called The P1vital® Oxford Emotional Test Battery that has been used by the pharmaceutical industry in drug development over the last 10 years.

The P1vi­tal® Oxford Emotional Test Battery

Click to enlarge – The P1vi­tal® Oxford Emotional Test Battery

Eli Lilly & Co. Poster

Click to enlarge – Eli Lilly & Co. Poster